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Our company equipped various types of ships and equipments in adequate quantity used in oil spill emergency response. Meanwhile, we rented two warehouses with good storage condition and convenient logistic condition. One is Located in Taihe Road, Lane 717, No.82, area of 200 M2 .From the warehouse to the dock is only 50m distance. Another warehouse is located in No. 323 Youyi Road, area of 468 M2,  only 5 km distance away from warehouse in Taihe Road. All kinds of supplies and equipments can be allocated to Taihe Road quickly. These 2 warehouses provide material guarantee for fast, efficient handling of oil spill accidents.

In September 6,2013 and September 16 to 17,2013 ,the workships of "Huweilong 88" and "Hujiadingyou 16" follow the instructions of MSA to attend oil spill accident on-site rescue and cleanup, which caused by ships of "Qing xing" and "Rich". The people of Weilong are not afraid of risk and keeping on fighting. Finally, we completed the task very well. In July 11,2012 ,under the unified deployment of MSA, our company and COSCO shipping carried out ship oil spill clean-up combat exercise at No.6 berth of Jungong road. The exercise achieved great success and was highly recognized by MSA.